Wonder Method ™

Wonder Method ™

Discover a new way to change your life
by playing with feelings and emotions

We all have the desire to change the world around us. Realize that this change can be made inside ourselves at each moment.

The universe has a holographic structure and we can all play with our inner Flow to affect the reality around us in a positive way. It is absolutely astounding that changing how you relate to something inside changes everything outside.

Life is an amazing journey and we all have a different path. The Wonder Method ™ teaches you how to open possibilities to make this journey more joyful in order to play with life beyond your imagination.

It is a very gentle approach to open yourself, relax your mind from chattering and do effective energy work. It is a new technique to help you unwind limiting emotions or beliefs and solve problems in unique and wondrous ways.

Everybody teaches us how to think, plan, or act. The Wonder Method ™ teaches you something different which is feeling, perceiving and using your senses to create changes, not your mind. If you allow yourself to feel and be present, everything becomes possible and the world around us, the beautiful illusion, we find ourselves in, is very flexible, malleable and a lot of fun.

Rather than working hard at it, you learn to play with your life, and attract more joy, love, Peace or anything that you truly desire. The result of all of this is that you stop striving, fighting, you start Living, you start Being.

The Wonder Method ™ is based on continuous research from Alain and Jody Herriott who created this technique with the objective to free and empower people and apply ancient universal wisdom of the Tao in day-to-day life.

The Wonder Method is the most important working tool I have discovered to awaken myself and bring more joy, into my life.
Once in harmony with the Flow, your life is in Harmony.
Each moment, each breath is an opportunity to be yourself more fully.

Healing and coaching sessions

  • During a healing session, I will apply the technique to your conditions and you will just relax siting or laying down comfortably.
  • During a coaching session , I will be guiding you in the Wonder Method ™. You will experiment the technique, play with the Wonder state and practice different exercises with one to one feedback on your feelings and the energy flows in your body.
  • The duration of both a healing and coaching session is 60 min and is at the price of 120 euros. It can be in French or in English. Distant sessions are done using a phone or through video conference.
  • Seminar and group training are also organized on a regular basis or upon request.

Become Certified in the Wonder Method™

There are three levels of certification available in The Wonder Method ™ Practitioner, Coach, and Instructor.

Certification in any of these levels allows the individual to list their name and contact information on the website, along with a picture and a short biography. Clients can expect that a certified individual has undergone not only effective training in The Wonder Method ™ but has demonstrated the correct application of healing and or sensing energy effectively.

Certified individuals must be evaluated periodically on their ability to perform The Wonder Method ™ so clients can rest assured they are getting the highest quality of the work.

Practitioner Certification

A qualified individual at the Practitioner level has fulfilled a minimum number of hours of practice (about 40H) and has demonstrated to a certified Coach or Instructor that they fully understand how to do the healing work effectively.

Coaching Certification


A qualified individual at the Coach level has fulfilled the requirements of being a Practitioner and has additionally demonstrated that they can sense energy flows in others to a satisfactory level. This includes, but is not limited to, knowing when someone is doing the Breath and Wonder properly, as well as when a client is processing emotions/feelings properly. They have also demonstrated a compassionate, non-judgmental attitude when coaching others or when working with clients.

Instructor Certification

A qualified individual at the Instructor level has fulfilled all the requirements of a practitioner and coach as well as demonstrated the ability to work with larger groups and explain all the concepts and idiosyncrasies of The Wonder Method ™.

All Certified Practitioners, Coaches and Instructors must also adhere to the Code of Ethics.


After obtaining my second level in Reiki, in 2003 I created and co-edited with a Reiki master a tool of personal development: The Mirror of Emotions, a book and a set of 39 cards. While exploring the world of emotions, I meet Xavier Bary in 2014, and discover the Wonder Method, which is a wonderful key to access our inner world. Xavier guides me precisely in order to feel, see and perceive this Flow of the Universe within us, this Flow that connects us to the Great All.

This new heightened insight intensifies my feelings, and allows me to explore in greater depth my creativity in the fields of painting and music. This method is also a precious help in my shamanic work, the exploration of the invisible subtle worlds, and the worlds of plants, animals and human beings. This is how I discover a more animated, more colorful, more musical, more joyful life!

Anita, Artist

“The wonder method is a subtle yet powerful technic to release physical, emotional or other energy blocks and unveil your potential. The approach for both the practitioner and the recipient is to focus on ‘being' rather than 'doing', letting the flow of energy dissipate or reorganize itself, and letting go of one's expectations. The results are surprisingly quick and speak for themselves.”

Sébastien, Consultant

Thanks to the Wonder Method, Xavier helped me to develop my sensory perception and thought me how to transform my deep emotions blocked inside my body to make me at ease and more peaceful.

His sessions also enable me to experience shamanic journeying and meet with the holy spirits of water, fire, wind and earth. These sessions are beautiful, profond and yet full of softness.

I highly recommend his coaching sessions to help you travel within yourself with joy and magic.

Sarah Diviné
intuitive live coach, author, blogger and formator
Thanks to Xavier I discovered an extraordinary tool, the Wonder Method. Through this technique, I explored every part of my body, both physical and emotional. I practice Taoist breathing and meditation; the Wonder Method opened new doors, new horizons. I had the sensation of discovering another dimension of my being and my spirit, of travelling like a freediver in the ocean, of exploring infinity, of having all the universe within me and of being connected to the realms where everything is possible.

Sandrine Jarrosson, Artiste Peintre www.sandrinejarrosson.com