Janzu, a dance with the element

Janzu means “pacified river” and the purpose of a session is to calm you down and relax your body thanks to the lifting effect of water or Archimedes force, combined with the fluidity of the movements initiated by the practitioner.

It looks like a dance, where the patient lets himself be cradled like a baby floating on the surface. The movements are gentle, intuitively guided by water and in harmony with your breathing. It is through a set of movements that the body deeply relaxes, realigns and re-harmonizes by itself. There is no manipulation, just a “Flow”. Janzu’s nickname is the “Rebirth therapy” and is based on the therapeutic properties of the water element.

Janzu is a journey where the mind slips away to let your soul reconnect with the Source.
The Janzu is a unique intuitive flow, a deep reconnection with yourself and the Element.
Breath and let yourself be taken on the most amazing journey.

A calling from the Source

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After practicing and teaching Janzu for many years, Xavier travelled in the Philippines to present it to the water & sea lovers and deepen its relationship with the aquatic world. 

As Xavier met people along the way, he decided to make a new movie to present his vision of Janzu and share the beauty of this water therapy. 

A 1-year project ending with the video “A calling from the Source”, an invitation to a deep reconnection.


The French School of Janzu® was created in France in 2016 to make a large number of people discover and share the benefits of Janzu. Xavier is an instructor from the school and develops his teaching in France, Asia and Oceania. 

To become a practitioner you must follow the trainings level 1 and 2. 

In the level 1 you will learn the basics approach of this water therapy and all the surface mouvements. 

In the level 2 the practice is focused on the underwater mouvements and how to best accompany people in their journey with water. 

Next practitioner training (level 1+2) :
Oceania June 2020 – 10 days 

In 2018, Seeflowing worked together with the thalassotherapy Serge Blanco in Hendaye, to offer Janzu sessions in a private 33ºC seawater pool. 

A partnership renewed in 2020 with the inclusion of Janzu sessions in a regular thermal cure, for the first time in France

Thalasso Serge Blanco
125 Boulevard de la Mer, 
64700 Hendaye 

A Janzu session last for 1H with 40 min in the water. 

Price: 75 € 

Info & booking: 
xavier@seeflowing.com or +33 6 22 46 10 18.


Sud-ouest – october 2019. 

Sud-ouest – november 2019. 

Conditions & Benefits

It is best when practiced in warm water between 31 and 34ºC to facilitate the relaxation of muscles, tendons and the nervous system. It can be done in a pool or natural places with or without wetsuit, depending on the temperature and personal preference. 

During a Janzu therapy, you will be laying on your back at the surface of water with little floats attached to your ankles. You simply close your eyes and you are ready for more than half an hour of relaxation.

Janzu can help you to :

  • Let go
  • Reduce physical pain
  • Free yourself from negatives emotions
  • Silence your mind
  • Enchant your soul
  • Play with life again

a journey towards the Source of Life

Janzu is an intuitive therapy which allows you to deeply relax at the surface of water. The goal is to make you discover new water sensations and infinite joy.

Take a little time to feel the positive sensations and moments of joy that water is giving you every day. The list is long and lots of us have already been cured by water in a thermal institute using water with “miraculous” properties.

In 2018, Xavier made a short movie called  “Liquid Dance”, a praise to the happiness Janzu and Water bring to people

Water is at the origin of Life on earth and  Water connects us to the Divine.

Symbol of femininity, purification, calmness and beauty. Water is the mother of all and the secret of Life is within Her.

Since time immemorial, all spiritual streams and cultures around the world have been worshiping Water.

In Asia, in Hindu and Buddhist temples, water is always present. According to them, it purifies the body, the mind and the soul. It is offered to nourish and honor life.

In the center of Tibet, lots of positive spirits are living close to bodies of water, in lakes, rivers and holes. The locals say the water and the spirits have extraordinary properties. Prayers and ceremonies are organized in lakes to attract their good graces and ask for help.

For the Aztec, Tlaloc is the god of rain, lightning and thunder. He is the one who makes everything grow. He is among the most important of the Aztec deities, governing the sphere of water, fertility and agriculture.

Water has a memory, a scientific reality

Water possesses unequaled therapeutic virtues well known by spiritual leaders, mystics as well as scientists.

It can contain vibrations and information that transform the molecular organization or structure of water.

Dr Masaru Emoto proved, by showing pictures of crystallized water sections, that the water crystals can take different shapes depending on the information the water received:

  • Well structured and beautiful, when informed by positive vibrations,
  • The opposite, with negative information.

You can see it above or in the report:

This information contained in water, this “memory of water”, is useful in numerous biochemical processes. Dr Luc Montagnier, Nobel prize in 2008 for the discovery of AIDS, recently confirmed that the information in water is able to induce the DNA replication and amino-acid polymerization.

70% of our body mass is made of water. So, the level of vibration of our network of water molecules and the quality of its information are essential for healthy living. Therefore, it is essential to recharge “our water batteries” with higher vibrations and great purity.

The transparent water reserves in the Mexican Cenotes or Crater Lake in Oregon USA are among the purest in the world. They are the example of Purity and Peace. However, the water cycle is global, and the growing pollution puts them in danger. The pollutants can reach these magical places by rain, through the rivers and the soils. We all run the risk of losing priceless resources that could benefit and inspire each and every one of us on this planet.


First of All, thank you Xavier for making me discover this magnificient practice: the “Janzu”. In 3 words, How did I live Janzu from inside?
Relaxation, pleasure, almost an hypnosis

During a Janzu, you reconnect with water, you forget completely yourself letting your body drift about with a feeling of melting like an ice cube in hot water. After 5 minutes guided by Xavier, you start to let go and your mind goes on a journey. Once the connection between the practitioner and the receiver is deeply established, the breathing pattern becomes clearer and Xavier composes with it, this is just unbelievable.

Being a freediver for many years, this therapy at the surface and slightly beneath water reminded me the deep feeling of relaxation we experiment during a freefall. When we freefall at great depth, the water is gliding on our face while we are focused on our inner sensations, this is just an amazing feeling.

During a Janzu, the letting go is so powerful, that sometimes when Xavier immerges your body for few seconds, your only desire is to stay underwater longer. You have the impression the urge to breath will never come!. It is like being out of Time… I am convinced, there is no need to be a freediver to have this feeling.

Once the session is finished, Xavier will put you delicately out of the water. You will need several minutes to come back to reality, open your eyes and understand the journey that just happened.
A surprising and pleasant feeling.
Are you ready for it ?

Maxime Gardien, Professional freediver


The Janzu training was a revelation for me! I am used to working in water due to my job as an aquatic osteopath; but the Janzu as Xavier taught us is practiced in consciousness while listening to the patient and the element.
Xavier knows how to make sense out of it, with smoothness and love and it changes everything!
Janzu will carry you within yourself and your consciousness travels at the pace of gentle rocking movements, accelerations and water immersions.
It is a wonderful tool to balance your emotions and cells memories.
This training has considerably enriched my osteopathic practice and strengthened my consciousness and love for the water.
Thank you Xavier for sharing the values of the Janzu with passion and positive energy . This is an unforgettable experience!.

Celine Le Mauf
Ostéopathe/ostéopathe aquatique

My experience with Janzu water therapy with Xavier was the most physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually relaxing/balancing experience of my life. Xavier asks you to have an intention to focus on during the session.

My intention was to encompass and spread light and love which I felt envelope my entire being. Completely letting go so Xavier could artfully manipulate my body both above and below the surface allowed me to focus on the sensation of the water flow over my skin and through my hair.

The immediate effects of this therapy lasted well over a week. The lasting effects of this therapy I have no doubt will last a lifetime. Xavier is truly a gifted and enlightened life energy which can be felt through a deep smile and open eyes he has everyday. I will definitely track him down for another session in the future for both his water therapy and devotion to a better life.

Thank you Xavier

tyler van roden

Tyler Van Roden, Freefall Academy - Freediving Instructor

The Janzu was for me one of the most beautiful discoveries and therapeutic tools I have encountered. The rediscovery of water, its magic, its smoothness and what it could bring to people deeply enchanted me. Not to mention Xavier's professional support and kindness.
The exchange within the group enable the training to be even more constructive and I come back from this Level 1 with solid basis.
Thank you very much to you Xavier, to the group who followed the training and of course to the water for everything it brought me.

Katia Morice
Communication Manager

It is sunday 3 of April 2016, 4 pm, we are at the AIDA French Freediving competition in Nîmes, and Xavier suggested I tried me to try the Janzu to relax after my trials.
After a rapid briefing, it s time to go. I wear a wetsuit and some floats on my ankles to stay at the surface easily. My only purpose is to connect with water. I close my eyes and just wear a nose clip for more comfort. Training without too much equipment is already pleasant in itself.Xavier started the movement at the surface of the water. I closed my eyes and let myself play and glide into the water. The session started with a question I wished to get an answer to. According to him, the water will bring me the answer. I relaxed myself as much as I could and Xavier started to play with my breath. Underwater moments were perfectly synchronised with my breath.
It is a true osmosis, a symbiosis that begins. I never felt breathless, my brain was relaxed and started to fly somewhere else. Answers started to come: let it go away, stay calm, keep going etc. all related to my question. The choice between the different possibilities was getting clearer and clearer.The session could have stopped but the feeling was taking me somewhere else, my mind relaxed completely and I had the chance to get visions.Among them, I was at sea, playing with the waves, swimming in the ocean, and I even experienced the Freefall sensations. The latter was the most amazing, it was so surprising to get through these visions and feelings that we usually have deep in the ocean while simply moving in a 1m depth swimming pool in the city of Nîmes.The session ended smoothly with a quick debriefing on my experience. The connection with the water and Xavier was so strong that we shared some visions! Unbelievable.Thank you for the discovery, i shared a beautiful moment in the water and this therapy is another proof that science cannot explain everything yet.

Romain Hinfray, Engineer - freediving Instructor. www.energie-apnee.fr

A Big thank you to you Xavier for sharing this first level of Janzu.
Nothing but happiness and beautiful energies. I am pleased to have participated to this training and I look forward to practicing and continuing to progress. Thanks for your patience and your Flow;) this was magic! I can’t wait for the next level.

Isabelle Gillet
Sports Coach

The Janzu® therapy I received that afternoon by Xavier really changed something in me.

From an anxious state of mind, I entered into a state of confidence, deep relaxation and well-being. Delicate and sensitive, Xavier guided me in this extraordinary experience where dancing within and with the water was for me like dancing in my mother’s womb.

The movements are aesthetic, almost artistic, and I have had the sensation to heal and create at the same time. I only think about doing it again. I highly recommend it and I can’t wait to offer it to my friends and relatives.

Thank you Xavier.


nathuropathe biarritz

Mathilde Marecaille, Naturopath, Pactionner Naet, www.biarritz-naturopathe.fr

T O D A Y’s  N U G G E T

The magic of water, a moment of softness, of intense relaxation; a free and joyful dance.
if you feel disrupted by the beginning of spring, whether a little, a lot, or even in a passionate way…take time for yourself.
Sometimes few hours are enough to programming or deprogramming our tired little cells…
I have had the chance to experiment Janzu with Xavier.
It is just waouuu! A modified state of consciousness that will take you far far away, and will reconnect you with yourself at the deepest level.

Siegrid Dumas
Coach Holistic

This level 1 Janzu training in  Annecy in May 2018 was a beautiful experience for me and the beginning of a new adventure that I hope to be long and rich. The quality of the training, especially with you Xavier, was really good. Thanks to your experience, your pedagogy and your personal qualities, you were able to combine smoothness and exigency, rigour and flexibility in order to share this love for the water, this opening to others and enable us to get access at the heart of our sensations. A big thank you and see you soon for the level 2.

Valérie Grillot
Environmental Project Manager

I didn’t know what to expect and I have been nicely surprised by the wellbeing this 45 min in the water brought me. It is an incredible aquatic journey, cradled by the water sensations, a moment of total let go.
I let myself drift thanks to the movement from the practitioner, I completely disconnected, trusting him, enjoying the sensation of the water on my skin. After the session, I felt lighter, quieter and more relaxed. Nothing but happiness! Give it a try and enjoy.

Raphaëlle Soreau, Development Manager, Biarritz Tourisme, www.congres.biarritz.fr